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The foods of Curacao

The cuisine of Curacao is a flavorful blend of Dutch and Indonesian, with hints of other international fare mixed in as the country is home to some 45 nationalities. The menus of Curacao include exotic items such as iguana stew and fried iguana, fried cactus, stuffed cheese, and funchi. And of course the famous Curacao liqueur is popular among island diners. 1. Keshi Yena This has been called the signature dish of Curacao. It consists of a gouda or Edam cheese stuffed with meat, typically spiced chicken, along with olives, capers, onions, and tomatoes. It is baked until the cheese melts. 2. Bitterballen. A traditional Dutch bar snack, bitterballen are flavorful meatballs.
The types of Cuisines in Curacao are influenced by:
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Appetizer recipes

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Main recipes

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Side dishes recipes

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