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The foods of Cambodia

Cambodian or Khmer food is typically made with fresh ingredients and is a medley of flavors. As rice is considered a staple in Asian cuisines, it is served with most meals in Cambodia. Unlike Thai cuisine that is distinctly spicy, the food in Cambodia is rather mild and has a lot of pickled and tangy flavors. The most popular Cambodia dishes are Fish Amok Probably the most popular Cambodian dish. This dish is composed of a rich and creamy curry like sauce that is the perfect balance of ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and coconut milk. When cooked correctly, the fish is silky smooth, almost melting in your mouth with each bite. Banana Blossom Salad Lap Khmer (Lime-marinated Khmer beef salad) Kampot Pepper Crabs
The types of Cuisines in Cambodia are influenced by:
Cambodgia - See the recipes Appetizer recipes coming soon
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Asian - See the recipes

Appetizer recipes

Asian shrimp with pineapple relish Black bean and corn wontons Coconut shrimp with sweet chili sauce Edamame hummus with spiced pita chips Tuna tartare with grapefruit vinaigrette and sorbet

Main recipes

Asian-style halibut in parchment Broiled gingered chicken Broiled salmon fillets in a horseradish-ginger crust Brown rice and chicken stir fry with edamame and walnuts Coconut-ginger shrimp Glazed salmon bundles with sesame bok choy Nasi goreng Oriental lemon chicken Spicy edamame burgers Spicy peanut chicken Sticky tofu stir-fry Thai pasta salad with shrimp and vegetables Tomato stack salad Side dishes recipes coming soon

Dessert recipes

Cinnamon ice cream with satin cinnamon chocolate sauce Coconut cream pie Fijian cassava cake Meringues with ginger ice cream and chocolate

Cooking in Cambodia