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The foods of Kazakhstan

The cuisine of Kazakhstan is the traditional food of the Kazakh people, who were nomadic herders for centuries. Their cuisine is based on meat, especially horse and mutton, and various milk products. They also use flour to make noodles, dumplings, and pastries. Some of the most famous dishes of Kazakh cuisine are:

Beshbarmak: This is the national dish of Kazakhstan, which means “five fingers” because it is eaten with the hands. It consists of boiled meat (usually horse or mutton) cut into pieces and served with a boiled pasta sheet and a meat broth called sorpa.
Quyrdak: This is a roast made from horse, sheep, or cow offal, such as kidneys, heart, liver, and other organs. It is diced and fried with onions, peppers, and herbs.
Qazy: This is a horse meat sausage that is considered a delicacy. It is smoked and dried, and then boiled or grilled before serving.
Mänti: These are dumplings filled with minced meat, onions, and spices. They are steamed or boiled and served with sour cream or butter.
Qurt: This is a type of cheese made from sour milk. It is dried and salted, and then shaped into balls or cubes. It is eaten as a snack or added to soups and salads.

Kazakh cuisine also has a variety of desserts, drinks, and breads, such as shelpek (flatbread), baursak (fried dough), irimshik (cottage cheese), shubat (fermented camel milk), and kumys (fermented mare’s milk)
Kazakh cuisine is rich in history and culture, and reflects the nomadic lifestyle of the Kazakh people. It is also influenced by the cuisines of neighboring countries, such as Russia, China, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia
The types of Cuisines in Kazakhstan are influenced by:
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Cooking in Kazakhstan

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