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The foods of Pakistan

The cuisine of Pakistan is a blend of regional cooking styles and flavours from across South, Central and Western Asia1. Pakistani cuisine is influenced by Persian and Arab cuisine, and also maintains some Mughal influences.
Some of the common ingredients in Pakistani dishes are spices, herbs, rice, wheat, meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables.
Some of the popular dishes in Pakistani cuisine are:

Biryani: a mixture of yellow rice and either chicken or beef, cooked with spices, lemons, tomatoes, and potatoes.
Chicken Tikka: grilled chicken pieces marinated in yogurt and spices.
Seekh Kabab: skewered beef or lamb seasoned with herbs and spices, grilled over charcoal.
Channa Chaat: a snack of chickpeas mixed with various vegetables and topped with a tangy dressing.
Aloo Keema: a curry of potatoes and minced mutton or chicken.
Samosas: fried pastries filled with green chilies, herbs, and boiled potatoes, or sometimes meat.
Sajji: a whole lamb or chicken stuffed with rice and green papaya paste, roasted on a spit. Haleem: a thick stew of wheat, barley, lentils, and minced beef, mutton, or chicken, cooked for hours with spices. Halva Puri: a breakfast dish of sweet semolina pudding and deep-fried flatbread.
The types of Cuisines in Pakistan are influenced by:
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