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The foods of Denmark

Traditionally, Scandinavian dishes are basic and many traditional meals include fish, potatoes, pork, and berries. Most Scandinavian cuisine relies on fresh, natural ingredients that can be found in the wild or that come fresh from the sea.
The main staple in Scandinavian cuisine is definitely fish.
GRAVLAX being the common Scandinavian dish made from raw salmon that is cured with salt, dill, and sugar.
Other popular foods are Meatballs, and Berries are a common staple in many Scandinavian dishes.Pancakes are a common Scandinavian dish. They are enjoyed at all times of the day, not just at breakfast as in other places in the world.

The types of Cuisines in Denmark are influenced by:
The regional cuisine Appetizer recipes coming soon

Main recipes

Danish rye bread rugbrod Frikadeller - Danish pork meatballs

Side dishes recipes

traditional danish sourdough

Dessert recipes

Rhubarb-strawberry custard tart
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Main recipes

Blueberry butter Green peas soup Side dishes recipes coming soon
Dessert recipes coming soon

Cooking in Denmark