The cuisine of Djibouti - Africa

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The foods of Djibouti

Skudahkharis is indisputably the national dish of Djibouti. Commonly prepared during the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, it is made of rice, lamb and ayurvedic spices such as cardamom. It can also go well with chicken, beef or fish.
Sambuussa Also called samosa, sambuussa is a perfect appetizer with which to start your meal.
fah-fah, a classic Djiboutian stew made with goat meat, vegetables and chillies, that can also be made with camel or lamb meat. This dish is normally served with a sponge-like bread called canjeero to soak up the stew sauce.

Djibouti‘s cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighbors, Ethiopia, Somalia and Yemen, as well as its former occupier France, and by India to some extent. Being a hotspot on the old Spice Road that made its way to Timbuktu, the country has a range of dishes that are as unique as their origin.

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Cooking in Djibouti

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