The cuisine of Sierra-Leone - Africa

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The foods of Sierra-Leone

The cuisine of San Marino is influenced by the Mediterranean and Italian traditions, but it also has its own typical dishes. Some of the most popular Sammarinese foods are:

Fagioli con le cotiche: a bean and bacon soup that is usually eaten at Christmas.
Pasta e ceci: a chickpea and noodle soup flavored with garlic and rosemary.
Nidi di rondine: a baked pasta dish with smoked ham, beef, cheese, and tomato sauce. The name means “swallow’s nest” because of the shape of the pasta rolls.
Roast rabbit with fennel: a meat dish that is often served with polenta, a cornmeal porridge.
Erbazzone: a spinach pie with cheese and onions.
Torta Tre Monti: a layered wafer cake covered in chocolate that is inspired by the Three Towers of San Marino, the country’s symbol.
Verretta: a chocolate wafer cake with hazelnut and cocoa cream filling.
The name comes from the crossbowmen’s arrows used in historical tournaments. Bustrengo: a fruit cake with honey, nuts, and dried fruit that is also a Christmas specialty.
San Marino also produces various wines, cheeses, and liqueurs, such as the aniseed-flavored Mistrà and the truffle-flavored Tilus.
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Cooking in Sierra-Leone

Sierra-Leone desserts