The cuisine of Guinea-Bissau - Africa

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The foods of Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau's few hotels and restaurants offer excellent food, though some places are expensive. The food in Guinea-Bissau is African in nature but has been influenced by the Portuguese. Rice is a staple near the coast and in the interior staples are cassava, yams and maize. Generally the seafood is very good. Cashew nuts are abundant and grown for export.


Jollof rice: Rice cooked with palm oil, tomato paste and onions, to which other vegetables and meat or fish are added.
Egusi soup: Soup thickened with the ground seeds of squashes. It usually contains green vegetables and sometimes tomatoes and onions.
Yassa chicken: Common across West Africa, this dish features chicken cooked in an onion and tomato sauce.
Fried cassava: Deep-fried yucca or cassava makes a tasty treat.
Fish stew: A Portuguese inspired dish of seafood in a salty broth.
Avocados with tuna: A salad of avocado, tuna and tomatoes.
Grilled prawns: Particularly common by the coast.
Ravias: Portuguese inspired cinnamon cookies, often sold in bakeries.
Cashew nuts: Delicious and plentiful in season, sometimes made into juice.
Cana de cajeu: Rum made from the fruit of the cashew.
Palm wine: Commonly made in rural areas. Alcohol levels depend on how long it has been left to ferment. It tastes better than it smells.

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