Cooking with dill

The feathery leaves of DILL resemble fennel but its flavor is quite distinct. Dill has a mild and warm flavor.
The aroma is faint, almost similar to the scent of aniseed. The herb, especially when fresh, has a much sweeter fragrance than its dried fruits. Dill leaves have a wonderful aroma.
Dill is one of those versatile herbs that go well in a wide array of dishes. Any soup is better with it, scrambled eggs take on a whole new persona, and mashed potatoes gain a savory warmth. Fish is enhanced. Of course, pickles wouldn’t be pickles without a liberal sprinkling of dill seeds. Egg salad, tuna salad, cream cheese, creamed cucumber and onions… The list is long when considering all the dishes dill has the capacity to transform.

Does dill come from fennel?
The fronds of a fennel plant do look similar to the dill leaves, though their taste is quite different. The anise flavor from fennel is a lot stronger than dill. It is not recommended to substitute fennel leaves for dill.

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