Cooking with olive-oil

Olive oil is a liquid fat obtained from olives, a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin, produced by pressing whole olives and extracting the oil. It is commonly used in cooking, for frying foods or as a salad dressing. Extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest kind of olive oil because it contains natural chemical compounds known as phenols or polyphenols that provide a host of health benefits. Wikipedia
Olive oil has a very long history! As proof, the olive tree is the first tree mentioned in the Bible. This oil is so famous that we owe the etymology of the oils to it. Indeed, the term "Olea", designating oil in general, derives from the word "olive" (the fruit). As for the geographical roots of the olive tree, botanists are not unanimous. Some believe it originated in Asia after having passed through Egypt, to eventually conquer the entire Mediterranean region. Regardless, the olive tree has since been successfully introduced to regions with similar climates: Southern California, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and even Japan.

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