Cooking with halibut

Halibut are a group of three species of large flatfish in the right-eye flounder family. They include the Pacific, Atlantic and Greenland halibut. They live and feed on the bottom of the seabed. They can be found in the North Pacific, North Atlantic and Artic Oceans.

Greenland halibut, often called turbot, is snowy white and tender with large flakes. The meat is sold smoked in some European countries. It is also served as sushi or in the Faroe Islands, as a creamy fish salad.

All halibut can be baked, deep-fried, poached, steamed or grilled. Cooked from fresh, the meat has a clean taste and requires little seasoning. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, containing lots of micro-nutrients and is a high-quality source of protein.

Pacific halibut is a traditional source of protein for Alaska Native and Canadian First Nation coastal communities. The Haida people in the coastal bays of British Columbia have an old saying “when the salmonberries are ripe, the halibut are in the kelp”. This reveals their knowledge about the time and place for successful fishing.

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